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Sherri Rita began her disability civil rights career at Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund. Subsequently she joined Protection & Advocacy, California (now Disability Rights California) where she worked primarily with children and youth with mental health needs and related policy reforms. She once managed a family resource center where she oversaw advocacy and clinical staff who served a primarily monolingual Spanish-speaking clientele who were at risk of involvement in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, served as the State of Oregon Vocational Rehabiltiation program's statewide policy analyst, and worked as an independent trainer and consultant for the Northwest ADA Center (Region 10 DBTAC). From 2012 to 2013 she was the Program Specialist for the American Bar Association's Commission on Disability Rights, where she supported initiatives that advance the rule of disability civil rights law and to promote the entry of persons with disabilities into the legal profession. Upon her return to California, she represented social security claimants and provided consultation services to covered entities on Title II program access. She is now pleased to be serving the citizens of her hometown of Oakland, California by managing the City's compliance with disability access laws and offering freelance consulting and training services to organizations and municipalities regarding their rights and responsibilities under the ADA and related laws.

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