Kevin Williams

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Legal Program Director
Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
1385 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite 610-A Denver, CO 80222
Denver, CO 80222
(720) 210-9819
Personal Bio: 

I am the Legal Program Director of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition ("CCDC"). CCDC is Colorado's only statewide organization run by and for people with disabilities. Since 1990, we have been the sole organization uniting people with all types of disabilities across Colorado that is run by people with disabilities. CCDC's Mission Statement is simple: "CCDC advocates for Social Justice for people with all types of disabilities. CCDC formed, in part, to ensure the promises of the recently enacted Americans with Disabilities Act were realized in Colorado. When it became obvious that education was insufficient to cause compliance, and lawyers were not interested in helping, CCDC decided to create a Legal Program. I started CCDC's Legal Program in 1996. I became its General Counsel (which later changed to the title of Legal Program Director) on May 15, 1997, the day I was sworn in as a member of the Colorado bar. Fox & Robertson, P.C., Colorado's preeminent disability rights firm, formed at the same time. We have been very fortunate to collaborate on many cases with F&R. CCDC's Legal Program enforces those laws that protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. CCDC's website provides information about all of CCDC's activities. Information about the Legal Program's current and closed cases can be found under the "Programs" tab on the home page and then click "Legal."

State of Practice/ Organization: