Steven Derby

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Derby, McGuinness & Goldsmith LLP
1999 Harrison St., Suite 1800
Oakland, CA 94612
510-987-8778 x101
Personal Bio: 

As the parent of two children with hearing loss and the son of a woman who walks with a cane due to partial paralysis, I am deeply and personally committed to doing everything I can to advocate for the rights of children and adults with disabilities. Fighting for the right to full and equal access for all disabled people is more than just a job to me. My goal is to create workable solutions that promote access by negotiation hopefully and by litigation when necessary. 

Everyday I wake up with the goal that I can use my skills and influence as a trial lawyer to make someone's life a little better or the world a little safer. Maybe I'll win a case, maybe I'll settle a case, maybe I'll volunteer in the courts to help them administer justice, maybe I'll help a colleague who is trying to help someone. If I go to bed that night having done at least one of these things, I call that a good day.

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