Andrew November

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Liner Legal, LLC
4269 Pearl Rd #104
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 282-1773
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I am an attorney in Cleveland, Ohio.  Since 2009 I have dedicated my entire practice to disability litigation.  I represent clients on their claims for Social Security disability benefits as well as clients that have disputes with insurance companies for Long Term Disability benefits. I have also handled several claims for service connected disability benefits for my veteran clients.  Since 2015 I have taken an interest in helping clients with hearing loss.  I have represented clients that identify as Deaf as well as hard of hearing.  I particularly enjoy representing hard of hearing clients before the Social Security Administration as I have found many judges that are actually interested in looking past decibel levels and into actual functional limitations.  I love to bring in real world examples of how hard of hearing people struggle to hear in the noisy world. Historically, judges have only looked at those cases as a decibel number and it has left many individuals with a denial. Additionally, my wife Keri is Deaf and she has opened my eyes to issues of discrimination as well as every day lack of accommodation.  It is nothing less than shocking to learn about different health agencies in my city denying interpreters or relying on faulty video interpreting technology.  The sheer number of calls I get is overwhelming, so I look forward to networking with other attorneys here to find ways to help our fellow citizens.   I am also happy to lend my knowledge to those who have questions about Social Security disability. 

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Hearing Loss
Disability Law
Employment Law
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