Disability Rights Bar Association

Guidelines for Disability Rights Bar Association Listserv

  1. The DRBA’s listserv is intended to provide information and assistance to practitioners of disability rights and those academically interested in the topic. To foster this purpose, it is important that participants in the listserv be able to communicate openly and frankly on a variety of issues, including legal strategies and other nonpublic information. Accordingly, members of the DRBA must agree to keep communications posted to the listserv confidential. Such communications should not be shared with those outside the listserv. This means, for example, that the information posted to the DRBA listserv should not be forwarded to other listservs, should not be discussed in classes, and should not be cited in papers or publications. The only exceptions to this rule are postings (such as announcements of upcoming conferences or events) which indicate on their face that the posting may be forwarded and distributed to those outside the listserv. Please consult with the sender before distributing any other postings beyond the DRBA group. If you wish an even greater assurance of confidentiality, you may move a discussion with particular individuals off the listserv to direct one-on-one communications.
  2. Access to the DRBA’s listserv, archives, document bank, and other member-only information is limited to DRBA members. Accordingly, access to this information via the DRBA website is password-protected. Members of the DRBA must agree not to share their username and password with non-members. If a non-member has gotten access to a member’s username and password, the member should contact DRBA immediately.

The DRBA trusts that all members will honor this pledge.