Disability Rights Bar Association

Request Assistance

For Attorneys:

Attorneys from the DRBA are available to provide advice, mentoring, co-counseling and other support to non-member attorneys who are handling a disability rights case or who are starting a disability rights practice. Please visit the Members Profiles tab to find a member attorney in your area.

For Non- Attorneys:

The DRBA has several resources for non-attorneys with disability discrimination concerns. You may first wish to contact a member attorney in your area. To do so, please visit the member’s profiles page to review a list of member attorneys. Then send an email to one of the members with your name, contact information, and a short statement of the issue with which you seek assistance. The DRBA cannot guarantee that a member will be able to assist you.
If the DRBA is unable to assist a person, such as in the case when the request does not involve a disability rights issue, or the person requesting assistance lives in an area without a DRBA presence, please consult our compilation of Additional Resources for Legal Assistance